About Us

Our Aromatherapy Journey

We provide 100% pure essential oils and natural aromatherapy products, sourced in-house, from small-scale producers located in over 60 different countries. Welcome to our Scentalk community!

Our Story

We started in an aromatherapy barn in upstate New York in 1994. Andrea Butje and Cindy Black, founders of Aromahead, were teaching aromatherapy classes and importing essential oil and natural aromatherapy products, as one option for students to use to support their learning. Andrea wanted to guarantee that the oils and other products she was recommending were completely pure, organic, and GC/MS tested for quality - and, just like that, Scentalk International was established. Karen Williams has been passionate about plant-based medicine her entire 35-year career in the healthcare field. Her background as a nurse gave her the foundation and knowledge to meaningfully explore integrative holistic approaches to health. She developed a specific interest in using essential oils early in her career and after studying extensively, met and studied with Andrea Butje in 2007 and in 2009 purchased Scentalk International. Karen completely resonated with Andrea’s approach to working with oils and natural aromatherapy products and this philosophy of higher standards continues to this day as we continue working with aromatherapy schools all over the world, supporting cutting edge aromatherapy education.

Developing our incredible community of distillers and natural aromatherapy products has been collective labor of love between Andrea and Karen, who both share an immense passion for working closely with inspired, dedicated producers. While Aromahead and Scentalk are two separate businesses, we are deeply connected from shared history and vision, as well as an incredible friendship and respect the other’s work. Scentalk International was already rapidly growing when Karen moved it to her basement in Lolo, MT where it operated successfully for another several years before a larger, dedicated space became imperative.Scentalk is now based in a beautiful workshop nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Karen has spent years strategically recruiting and developing our incredibly energetic and dedicated team and we could not be more excited to be a part of your aromatherapy journey. We are very much a family owned and operated business. If you work for Scentalk, you are either family OR you feel like family!

About Us

Aromatics International imports and exports 100% pure, organic essential oils and natural aromatherapy products. These products are pure, effective, and sustainable. Each product is either classified as certified organic, organically grown, or wildcrafted, depending on the producer and which classification is available to them in their local region. All these terms mean the same thing - organic, free of harmful pesticides and herbicides, and are vibrant. We work with small-scale distillers and producers and support local communities in over 60 different countries. When Karen, head of sourcing, works with our distillers and producers, she can see their beautiful faces and can imagine the fields, orchards, farms, valleys, mountains, and plains where the plants used to craft our products are grown. We also craft products ourselves and grow high altitude certified organic lavender, work with local farmers to produce hops and calendula flowers, sustainably wildcraft arnica blossoms, St. John’s Wort blossoms, ponderosa pine needles, and yarrow. These local initiatives grow and evolve every year. We are invested in our local community and often engage with schools and groups in terms of teaching aromatherapy classes and safety.